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At Probound, we take our trainers seriously. All of our trainers are of the highest standard to ensure you get the best possible results from your training.

When you train with Probound, you train with the best in the business.

Trainers: Daniel - Lia - Johnson - Dan - Tracey

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Name - Daniel Goodwin 

Age: 28


• Certificate III & IV

• Fitness NSW Registration

• Advanced First Aid

• Fitness Professional Certificate

• Blackbelt Pro

• PunchPad Boxing Level 1


Dan is an experienced Master Trainer with a wide background in sports ranging from MX bike racing, martial arts, rock climbing, soccer, water skiing, rugby league and bodybuilding. His solid and assured knowledge in personal training, group fitness, specified sports and strength conditioning, rehabilitation and nutrition combined with an understanding and results driven techniques will help You achieve whatever you desire while keeping your fitness experience fun and rewarding.

Other Information:

Dan enlisted into the army reserve as an infantry soldier between 1998 and 2001. He competed in combat exercises and training with and against the regular army and international forces in a variety of places and extreme conditions. This taught him all about the respect of others and the mental attitude needed when the going gets tough. 


Hi All,

Three Months ago I was an 89Kg workaholic with not much social life and life was very stressful.  I am 24 years old and not happy with my life. I needed a change and needed it now, so I jumped online and contacted Probound. I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. We started off with the physical and I was not surprised to find out that I was unfit, it was hard at first to begin my training, but Daniel was patient and helped me to my level of fitness. I focused on 3 sessions a week; I pushed myself in stopping on the foods that weren’t healthy and stuck on the diet that Daniel had supplied me.

During the training my confidence grew and so did my training, my mentality changed and I feel much more confident in life, the outcome from this was that my social life has grown, I feel so good and confident in my work and with family and we are closer than ever.  I am now a fit and healthy 75kilo man and I got these results in just 10 weeks of dedication. I Definitely recommend Daniel to all that are a looking for a change in their life, He fits into your comfort zone and will definitely show you results and glad to call him my Mate who gave me a new life I didn’t think I would achieve.

Andrew Di Luciano


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Name - Lia


• Cert III & IV

• Fitness NSW registration

• Senior First Aid

• Fitness Professional Certificate

• Bachelor of Design In communications


Lia has a natural enthusiasm for life with an encouraging nature to support and motivate long term healthy lifestyle changes, which help people get the most out of their life. Lia believes in the holistic approach to health and well being in incorporating it into ones lifestyle changes so what better place to do it than the outdoors- to feel alive.

Other Information:

Fluent in Spanish, English and German. This has evolved from spending many childhood years overseas. In rural England , London and Spain . This experience I feel has given me a wider tolerance and understanding of people on a broader scale.

Sporting achievements:

I enjoy long distance running- represented national cross country and volleyball both in 2001. Also enjoy soccer, and surfing. Awarded from the Olympic Committee, the Pierre De Coubertin Award of Sporting Achievements Taking part in the travel of the Para Olympic Torch as a bearer in 2001


“It is with pleasure that Gary and I recommend the exemplary Personal Training services of Lia ; we would also like to mention that Lia's character is the main reason we were so successful reaching our personal goals.

Lia possesses an infectious nature due to her unwavering enthusiasm. This little lady is dogmatic in her determination to reach her clients goals and we are living testament to her effectiveness. Gary & I continue to engage Lia to keep us on track with our lifestyle change. Lia practices what she preaches and is very knowledgeable on what is actually required to make a difference to your energy levels as well as getting the most out of the exercise regime to tone up all over.

We have no hesitation in recommending this little dynamo Lia to get back to shape & on the right track”.

Gary & Teresa Ticehurst.

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Name - Johnson Huynh

Age: 28


• Certificate IV in Fitness

• Certificate III in Fitness

• Senior & Advance First Aid


• Reduce Body Fat
• Feel healthier
• Improve flexibility
• Improve stress management.
• Improve Strength
• Improve muscle definition
• Improve muscle size
• Improve sporting ability


• Football
• Surfing
• Boxing
• Soccer
• High Performance Imports
• All music (R&B, house and everything)

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Name - Daniel Cook-Henderson

Age: 28









Daniel is a qualified Master Trainer and has an extensive background in many sports including amateur wrestling, rugby, athletics cricket and soccer. His knowledge in personal training, group fitness, strength and sport conditioning is exceptional and his aim is to help people to gain motivation, self-discipline and ultimately achieve their goals.

Other Information

An Advanced Diploma of Arts in Stage and Screen Acting has provided Dan with exceptional communication skills and a personality to match. Having to work in this industry with such a broad array of personalities enables him to quickly adapt and adjust to your training needs giving you a fitness program and experience designed for YOU.

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Name - Tracey Bensley

Fully certified, registered and insured to be a Personal Trainer through the Australian Fitness Network.

I currently hold qualifiations in Certificate III and Certificate IV from the Australian Institute of Fitness (FISAF Accredited) and am currently based at Newtown Gym. I have 5 years experience in the fitness industry and am now here to be your personal trainer, friend, motivator, support person and to help you achieve your goals - so come on and be truly inspired by me!

I recognise that every client is unique and has special needs, depending on the goals you wish to achieve, your current health and fitness levels and the type of lifestyle you lead at present, I will tailor make your program to suit you, as the individual.

All programs are based on the SMARTIE Principle, which is;
S - Something that you can stick to, not just for now, but for the rest of your life
M - Moderation, achieving results comes from a balance and not over doing it in any area
A - Achievable, your goals must be realistic and not impossible
R - Realistic, to achieve a goal that is realistic for you, remember that everyone is unique and therefore has a different body type
T - Timed, a goal that is timed is decidedly more likely to be achieved, whether it be long term or short term
I - Interesting, afterall, variety is the spice of life, mix things up a bit every few weeks, you are more likely to stick with to your fitness path and of course most importantly
E - Enjoyable. Choose something you love to do and stay with that, think long term.


• Rehabilitation and Injury Management (Specialising in recovery support for people affected by strokes or heart attacks

• General Fitness and Weight Loss

• Relaxation and Stress Management

• Stretching and General Increased Flexibility

• Children, Adolescents and Older Adults

• Sports Specific

• Fitness Testing

• Muscular Strength and Endurance

• Total Body Transformation including Specialised Sculpting

• Group Sessions for outdoor or indoor Circuit Training are also available from 6 people to a maximum of 20.

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