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Andrew Di Luciano

Hi All,

Three Months ago I was an 89Kg workaholic with not much social life and life was very stressful.  I am 24 years old and not happy with my life. I needed a change and needed it now, so I jumped online and contacted Probound. I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. We started off with the physical and I was not surprised to find out that I was unfit, it was hard at first to begin my training, but Daniel was patient and helped me to my level of fitness. I focused on 3 sessions a week, I pushed myself in stopping on the foods that weren’t healthy and stuck on the diet that Daniel had supplied me.

During the training my confidence grew and so did my training, my mentality changed and I feel much more confident in life, the outcome from this was that my social life has grown, I feel so good and confident in my work and with family and we are closer than ever.  I am now a fit and healthy 75kilo man and I got these results in just 5 weeks of dedication. I Definitely recommend Daniel to all that are a looking for a change in their life, He fits into your comfort zone and will definitely show you results and glad to call him my Mate who gave me a new life I didn’t think I would achieve.

Andrew Di Luciano

Chloe Young

I first decided to use a personal trainer because I was unhappy with the way I looked and wanted to make some big changes.  I had a complete dislike of exercise and really needed some help to get motivated.  At my first training session with Dan we talked about what I wanted to achieve and from there Dan worked hard on finding exercises that I would find challenging but also enjoy doing. 

Through a mixture of hard work and fun I have been able to drop two dress sizes.  I now have no problems finding the motivation to exercise everyday and enjoy a much fitter and healthier lifestyle.  Dan is an excellent trainer and I can’t thank him enough for what he has helped me achieve.

Chloe young


I have always battled with my weight for most of my adult life. I have spent thousands of dollars hoping for that magical potion to make a difference to the way my body looks or my double digit dress size. Then Dan came into my life. He helped me to understand through a healthy lifestyle and the right attitude changes can be achieved. I am not going to beat around the bush, it has been hard and when the scales don't replicate the centimeters you are loosing it is quite hard to take butt his is when a real trainer like Dan steps in to support you and keep you on track, many times in my past it was just easier to fall off the wagon. But perseverance with my training has allowed my body to amaze me; never in my wildest dreams did I think I could run 8km or do 100 proper push-ups.

This is just the beginning and I have been with Dan for the last 8 months purely because he changes the routine regularly. I get bored very easily so he changes the training routine to cater not only to my training needs but also my emotional needs, which I might add, can be quite demanding at times. When you train with Dan you have a real partner working with you the whole way. I would recommend him and his training methods to anyone.

Thanks Katrina

Kylie Cunningham

Training with Dan has helped me in many ways including confidence in myself, fitness & well-being. I am a work in progress (watch this space) however, every week I see improvements in my body and fitness and I love seeing the numbers go down.

I find Dan very motivational and though he works you to your limit and beyond, helping you achieve milestones & goals which you never thought possible, I have never had so much fun working out (yes exercise can be fun).  It is exciting to get up and head out for a session with Dan each week is an hour of extreme hard work and above all a barrel of laughs.

I have more confidence in myself and my abilities both in fitness and general life.

Thanks to Trainer Dan I now get up and exercise for fun, together we are forging a future for a fitter & healthier me.

Kylie Cunningham

Sally Byatt and Gloria Alvarez

An invitation to a friends wedding was just the impetus needed to get us exercising and into shape. At first we thought losing a few kilos would do us, but as we got more involved and enthusiastic about our training sessions, the less hard work it seemed to be and the more fun we had.

The training sessions with Dan have been a great success. His friendly approach and continuing encouragement keeps us motivated to keep pushing ourselves that little bit more.

With Dan’s guidance and support we have been able to reach and attain new weight loss and fitness goals that has lead us to pursue a new fit and healthy lifestyle.

Thanks Dan!!

Sally Byatt and Gloria Alvarez

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