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Success Stories

Over the last 12 months, more and more Probound clients have been sharing fantastic and amazing success stories. Over time we will be adding these to our site to share with you and celebrate their triumphs.

Congratulations to everyone who has reached and surpassed their fitness goals. Your commitment and great attitude is what makes all the effort worth it.

Alex Petrovski

Alex Petrovski has achieved some amazing results in a very short time with Probound. Alex has shown us and a lot of our clients exactly what dedication and a desire to achieve his goals can result in. Good work Alex and keep it up!

Below is a letter to the Petrovski family from the PDHPE Coordinator at his School about his massive transformation. It goes to show that it is never too early or too late to change your life with a fitter, healthier you.


Hi to all the Petrovski family,

I thought I would take a moment to comment on the great impression Alex has made on me over the past semester. I don’t teach Alex, yet seeing him around in the playground and also hearing about him from others, I, and other PE staff have been so impressed with Alex’ commitment and effort he has put into with regard to his health and fitness.

In speaking with Alex a few times recently, I was delighted to see not only his physical weight loss, but also the rapid gains in physical fitness over the semester.

Attached is a pic from the winter sports season of Alex, maybe from May/June. I showed him this week, he could hardly believe it was him.

A highlight for me, was seeing Alex in his fitness retesting last week. Alex scored a level 5.2 in Term 1, to score a level 10.2 last week. During the race, he actually won his beep test heat and beat some other boys who had beaten him earlier in the year – which was brilliant to see. This is a substantial improvement of a score, one of the best 2-3 in the 400 students that we test. He then exhibited and eagerness to improve further in his one time, which demonstrated his desire to continue to improve.

I am sure you are as impressed and pleased for Alex as we are, if not more. We will continue to encourage him and cheer him on, and would be happy to assist him further with his health and fitness if required.

Congratulations again Alex, keep it up mate.

Troy Dixon
PDHPE Coordinator K -12
On behalf of the whole team.

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